30+ Baby Shower Game Ideas


30+ Baby Shower Game Ideas - pic 2

Game: The Pacifier Pass
What you need: Straws, pacifiers with handles you can hold
How to play: Have the guests seperate into teams of 4 or 5 and stand in a line, facing the person in front of them. Each guest must put a straw in their mouth. The first person in line puts the pacifier on their straw. When the host says go everyone on the team passes the pacifier from straw to straw, no hands, no contact. Whichever team is the fastest wins.

Game: Place The Pacifier In The Baby’s Mouth
What you need: Picture of a baby, blindfold, a picture of a pacifier for each guest
How to play: Blindfold the guest and have them put their pacifier as close to the baby’s mouth as possible. Whoever is the closest wins.

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