68 year old. Goes Vegan. Loses 100lbs. Clears up Fibromyalgia. Cures High Blood Pressure.

This story is so inspiring! And proof of the healing nature of being vegan. Learn how Sue, a 68 year old, Goes Vegan, Loses 100lbs, Clears up Fibromyalgia, and Cures High Blood Pressure. This senior citizen has an amazing story of what happened to her after switching to a Vegan lifestyle. She was overweight, suffering my Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. In her video interview she talks about how much energy she has now. She goes to the pool or works out every day and feels amazing. It’s never too late to change your health!


“I swim every other day and go to the gym every other day, so I’m exercising all the time,” she says.


“A lot of people at the gym saw me lose weight, and they want to know the secret. I’d say ‘a plant-based diet,’ and I’d be alone. They’d just walk away. I think it’s hard for some seniors to do it, but it really works. I’ve tried to help a lot of people, but they don’t always want to listen.” via
Instead of taking a regimen of drugs, she switched to a vegan and mostly gluten-free diet. Almost five years later, the 68-year-old retiree has lost 100 pounds, seen dramatic improvements to her symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis, and had her blood pressure and cholesterol come down to normal levels.If you have been thinking about going vegan for your health, now is the time. If Sue’s story has inspired you to make the change, get some more info on going vegan using our vegan resource sections.

Source: personalhealthrecords.press
“68 year old. Goes Vegan. Loses 100lbs. Clears up Fibromyalgia. Cures High Blood Pressure”

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