Reduce High Blood Pressure In Only 5 Minutes Without Medications

Learn this three easy ways to reduce high blood pressure in only 5 minutes without using medications
One of the most dangerous ailments of modern age is the high blood which is brought about by increased anxiety, sleeping issues, obesity, salty foods, smoking and increased expending of liquor.

Way of life assumes a critical part in treating your high blood. If you effectively control your blood pressure with a healthy way of life, you might avoid, deferral or diminish the need for medication.

High blood is greatly common in the United States, so you aren’t the only one experiencing the ill effects of it. If you think about whether you are at danger of having high blood, read these danger signs to see what your risk is:
– Sleep deprivation
– High anxiety levels
– Excessive utilization of greasy or acidic foods
– Obesity
– Smoking
– Consumption of liquor


Also, if you have a family history of high blood, you might need to monitor your blood pressure for your life to guarantee that it stays at a healthy level.

So as to normalize your blood pressure, the specialist of the Moscow soccer club “Spartak”, Lu Hun Sen, uncovers an old Chinese solution mystery.

Point one(1) – two(2)

This is not only on a one spot focus process, but in lines. It goes behind the ear ligament to the focal point of the neck area bone. This line should not be pressed, nor massaged, but instead bit by bit touch pretty much soft movements of the hand all the way, barely touching the tips of the fingers. Go over 10 times on one side, then change to another and do in like 10 times.

Point three(3)

This line starts from your face alignment with the ear cartilage about half inch far from your ear and ends towards your nose.

Massage both sides with your fingertips for around 60 seconds. Try not to push hard because of the fact that you may feel pain. The goal is to feel pressure to a certain spot.

Make certain that this treatment will give back your circulatory strain to normal, so don’t falter to apply it.

In the Chinese prescription the key of regulation your circulatory strain is massaging these focuses. This will empower appropriate blood stream in the body, and the body will rapidly prevent the illness.



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“Reduce High Blood Pressure In Only 5 Minutes Without Medications”

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