What Your Sign Says About Your Love Life, Because Your Past Relationships May Finally Make Sense Now

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date yourself? Not in a self-absorbed kind of way, but more of a learning experience from your partner’s perspective?

Or, on the other hand, wouldn’t it be nice to know what you can expect in a person ahead of time, without having to go on several dates with them (then subsequently finding out they collect Power Ranger memorabilia and have dedicated an entire room of their house to it)? Of course it would be —but that’s just not feasible. It could be, but that would depend on your beliefs. If you believe in astrology, for example, you’ll surely see how your zodiac sign affects your love life.

As research evidences, many believe in the power of the stars. A Harris poll from 2009 found that 26 per cent of Americans believe in astrology (23 percent of whom were male, and 28 percent were female). With these strong statistics paving the way, we spoke to Aliza Kelly Faragher and Helen Grossman, co-founders of Align, a Los Angeles-based app that matches members based on astrology and other identifying factors, to let us in on what each sign is like based on their love lives. Here’s what it’s like to date each astrological sign.

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